The XGen Chat is a free chatroom which Dragon created in [date]. It features 6 ranks of users including "Banned", a friends list, an ignore list, and the ability to use a small (30x30px) avatar which will show up to the left of your name while posting messages. Main Owners or Owners may ban users for any amount of time, and Moderators may ban people for up to 6 hours. All of a user's visible messages will be deleted when they are banned. These 3 may also kick a user with a reason, in which case the user simply logs back in.

This chatbox was created with the free xat chatbox maker. At first, the chat box was hosted on a Guildplex (link couldn't be found) clan website which simply had the chatbox put into a template. It stayed that way until the 9th of August 2008, when was created by LizardRob, which remains (aside from minor updates) the same until today.

l-Zero-l came looking for xgenchat in August 2018 and found this shitty wiki instead.

See this link for latest The XGen Chat details.