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Stick Arena Dimesions/BallstickEdit

Stick Arena is an online, multiplayer flash game developed by the gaming company, Xgen Studios. The main goal of 'SA' is to gain the most kills, eliminate your foes, and be the best 'stick slayer'.

Gameplay PCEdit

The game is a 'bird's eye' view shooter. You, a black stick-figure, respawns on a certain spot in the beginning of the match. In every map, there are different kinds of weapons. Shotgun, sledgehammer, baseball bat, ak-47, katana, and glock. If an individual doesn't have an account for SA, then they can 'test' the gameplay by clicking quickstart on the main screen, or title screen of the game. It will make the player play as a guest, with a randomized name


Once you gain a certain amount of kills, you achieve a medal, or rank. There are a total of 15 ranks.


If a certain player reaches high enough kills, they will be placed on the highscores. It'll include their amount of kills, deaths, and win/loss count.


Once an individual makes an account, they can decide which name they can have, and what their password is. It can be a total of 24 characters. After, they can pick the color that is on the color graph to code their name, and 'spinner'. The spinner is the outer ring that circles the player.