Plazma Burst is a game hosted by Xgen Studios in which the player controls a silent protagonist who travells through time while fighting hordes of enemies to save his dying planet. It features a fairly complex ragdoll physics engine. Game created by .:Eric Gurt:. & sponsored by Coolbuddy.

Plazma Burst was added on April 3, 2009, and, as of May 17th, 2009, has 300,011 plays. It is a moderatley popular game.


The game is a side-scrolling stealth shooting game. The player makes use of a a pistol, rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenades, plasma cannon, and if all else fails, a handheld taser, to kill numerous foes. Each weapon, with the exception of the taser, can be upgraded. Armor is also available. At the start of the game, the player has very little armor, making him or her quite vulnerable to enemies. Also one of the game's features is a shoting without reloading and infinite ammo. AI becomes very smart with playing on hard difficult (they dodge player's bullets and they try to work more carefully).

In many levels, there are three destructable objects: oil cans, plazma cans, and glass walls. Oil cans can be shot many times until they explode, leaving a small explosion about the size of a grenade's. The plazma cans are very weak, and if shot only once, make a huge explosion. Glass walls and lightbulbs can be shot or blown out from an explosion. Glass that falls on the player or enemies is very deadly.


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